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I hope you enjoy ❤️

veraisastoner asked: you're fucking gorgeous

Thankyou so much beautiful

tuesnoon asked: Yo your hair and your photos and just yourself are perfect!!!! Gosh damn

Aww thankyou so much❤️

jynelleava asked: I loveeee your hair! That's the shade of teal I wanted! You rock it. I dont know if I could pull it off

Thankyou so much sweetie Hmm it’s just hair and if you don’t like it it’ll grow or you can fix it
you should totally try it out I was completely surprised when I finally dyed it teal ❤️❤️

pearledbleezys asked: You're fucking beautiful

☺️☺️ thankyou so much

I like having the place to myself

I like having the place to myself

elizzibethcleton asked: your sooo talented and beautiful

Aww THANKYOU so much.

New glass

New glass

en-trovert asked: love your photos <3 what editing app do you use?

Thankyou so much lovely lady I only use phone apps

petersperceptions asked: What kind of camera do you use and would you reccomend it?

I have a canon 60d hell yeah I recommend it.
It’s my bebeeeh

flowerr--child asked: I'm moving to the Bay Area soon so we totally must hang out!! 😻😻 I'm about to go follow u on insta!! Mine is aliceoutlaw 😎

Ohhhhhhhh ❤️❤️❤️

madas-a-hatter asked: Hey, first off you are absolutely beautiful. Second, you look JUST like my friend. Like it's so incredibly weird! Y'all are absolutely twins. It's crazy! Go follow her on insta. @l3naaa like same hair, features, everything! Like I'm seriously flippin out rn and I showed her you and she's like holy shit that's my twin!! Haha :)

Hmmmn I think I found the right one I’m not sure.
Thankyou so much you’re amazing

badasssid asked: you're absolutely gorgeous omg ❤️❤️❤️

Thankyou so much pretty lady

the-maddabber asked: I'm meow in rove with you, your blog and your insta

You’re raaaad you should let me know which ig is yours